Transform A Spare Bedroom Into A Vacation Rental With Help From An Electrician

6 June 2022
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As someone who only owns a single house, you may know that you cannot create a whole-home vacation rental for travelers. Fortunately, a viable alternative is transforming a spare bedroom into a private room vacation rental. While a crucial part of preparation is furnishing and decorating the room, you can also invest in professional services to ensure a functional room.

Hire an electrician to check out the electrical system and work on valuable features.

Air Conditioner

When you live in a climate with warm summers, you want to make sure that guests can be comfortable in their private room. An electrician can install a window air conditioning unit that your guests can use to adjust the temperature and stay comfortable throughout their stay.

Even if you plan on running your central air conditioning system, your guests will appreciate the additional control from their own unit. Another option is to close the vent to give your guests total control of the room's temperature because having central air will not affect the room at all.

Ceiling Fan

Sometimes an air conditioner provides more cooling than you need. A ceiling fan is a perfect addition to the vacation rental bedroom because it can provide incredible airflow. This feature can get used all year because you can push the air up or down to help with warmth or cooling.

When you combine a ceiling fan with open windows, your guests can get great air circulation that makes the room feel airy and inviting. These qualities will make your private room more enjoyable and increase the overall appeal to potential second or third-time guests.


While the bedroom likely has electrical outlets, you can use this as an opportunity to replace them and move them to strategic locations. Consider where you plan on putting the bed, dresser, desk, and nightstands to install them in easily accessible areas. For instance, you want to avoid a situation in which electrical outlets are hidden from your furniture and decorations.

An electrical outlet by a desk is perfect for guests who want to plug in a laptop or tablet to keep it charged while in use. Also, you can put outlets on each side of the bed to ensure that two people using the same bed can charge their own smartphones or electronic devices.

By hiring an electrician for these projects, you can enjoy turning your spare bedroom into a functional and desirable vacation rental. Keep these tips in mind when looking for an electrician near you.